Nearly Half of Shoppers Are Using Electronic Grocery Lists

Gone are the days of hard copies of handwritten shopping lists.
digital shopping list

Nearly half of shoppers (49%) are using digital lists these days, according to a report from AdAdapted, a mobile insights and advertising platform.

Executive Summary

The findings underscore that scores of shopping trips start online. Whether that’s looking up a product and adding it to a virtual cart for in-store pickup, or creating a list online, shoppers are beginning their trips through digital solutions. For retailers, that means the opportunities to capture different elements of that online journey--from list making to checking out--continue to expand.


Brand advertisers are also seeking out ways to make it onto those electronic shopping lists. A whopping 96% of brand decision makers, shopper marketing executives and digital ad strategists agree that getting on a shopper’s digital lists is critical, Progressive Grocer reported. Digital lists are also extremely high value, since 81% of shoppers purchase everything that they put on their digital list.

Nearly just as many brand marketing decision makers--93%--say they’re looking for opportunities to reach consumers in the middle to lower parts of the funnel, where shoppers are engaging with product categories and making buying decisions. More retailers and brand advertisers are likely to utilize shopping list marketing as consumers continue to change their behavior toward digital lists.

See the full story at Progressive Grocer.

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