New tool empowers brands to optimize campaigns

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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Blake Burrus is Vice President of Analytics at Quotient.

Quotient Technology has launched a new tool to help brands measure performance of digital promotion campaigns in near real-time.

Quotient Analytics is an intuitive, self-service tool that lets brands measure the performance of digital promotion campaigns in near real-time. With Quotient Analytics, brands can quickly determine insights that, in partnership with Quotient, can lead to faster marketing decisions and drive more sales with increased efficiency.

“It’s exciting to bring closed-loop sales measurement and insights in a self-serve platform as we continue to transform the digital promotions industry,” said Blake Burrus, Vice President of Analytics at Quotient. “The ability to measure, understand and act on user-level insights to optimize digital promotions in flight is a big advantage for our clients. It’s vital that they have insights at their fingertips to make smart marketing decisions, and that’s exactly what we’re giving them.”

Quotient Analytics is a natural extension of Quotient Retailer iQ, which powers digital savings programs for many grocery retailers, as well as dollar, club, drug and mass retailers. Retailer iQ, which connects to a retailer’s point-of-sale system, uses a blend of proprietary purchase data and exclusive online data to deliver relevant offers and media messages. About 60 million shoppers – roughly half of all U.S. households – are registered to programs powered by Retailer iQ. In 2017 alone, Quotient delivered more than 3.5 billion digital coupons.

Quotient, which works with all major consumer packaged goods companies, is in the process of bringing Quotient Analytics to hundreds of brands. Feedback from several companies that had early access to the tool has been positive.

"We're excited to have an intuitive and easy way to look up and analyze data on the spot," said Cheryl Riley, Senior Manager Coupon Strategy & Analytics at Kellogg’s. "The analytics are far more robust than anything we've had before. This will be enormously helpful as we plan and optimize promotional programs across our brands."

With Quotient Analytics, brand and shopper marketers can easily view numerous data points to help optimize sales performance during and post campaign, including:

  • Activity volume and performance metrics, with ability to easily call up comparisons and trends.
  • Consumer response, including sales and incrementality, by retail channel so teams can optimize parameters and strategies
  • Share of category over time to help quickly pinpoint opportunities.

The next release of Quotient Analytics will add Quotient’s media measurement and optimization tools, letting brands easily tie media campaigns directly to incremental sales in a self-serve platform.  Such media attribution is critical in today’s marketing environment, where brands are seeking to justify every marketing dollar. Taken together, Quotient Analytics gives brands a holistic view of their digital coupon and media campaigns, which increasingly are designed to work in tandem and are central to digital commerce marketing.