A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November / December 2015.

November / December 2015

  • Channeling Cooperation for Omnichannel

    Omnichannel retail strategy, by definition, involves getting a lot of different things–websites, brick-and-mortar stores, supply chains, ads, consumer outreach–working in sync. But before that can happen, the different departments that have to conceive and execute those components have
  • Get Real, Get Personal

    In stores of the future, retailers will go above and beyond to personalize the experience for shoppers. But exactly what the personalization will look like will vary from store to store. Some retailers might carve more space for click-and-collect orders, while others might not offer click-and-colle
  • Bay State Stalwarts

    Photography by Vito Palmisano
  • Sustaining Consumer Appeal

    Sustainable products have staying power. Producers are willing to change their ways to account for future needs, and shoppers are paying premium prices to support socially responsible practices.
  • The Clinic Connection

    Walmart wants to play an important role in American health care.
  • Release your Inner Nostradamus with Feeding the Future

    <br /> A Letter from the President and CEO<br /> Leslie G. Sarasin
  • Data Analytics: Key to Grocery IT

    Grocery retailers have seldom been on the leading edge when it comes to advanced technologies, whether it involves behind-the-scenes, supply-side implementations or customer-facing tools that enhance the food-shopping experience. Increasingly, however, the mountains of data available to retailers a
  • Why I'm a Member of the Clean Plate Club

    As a child, whenever I turned up my nose at whatever my Mother had prepared for dinner, she was quick to remind me of the starving children elsewhere who would be overjoyed to have the very food I was rejecting.
  • The Umbrella of Shopper Experience

    While I shopped at a couple of grocery stores recently, the differences between "shopper experience" were clearly evident. In one store, I was aimlessly looking for a product, but couldn't find anyone, anywhere, to direct me to it.
  • Going Small for the Next Big Idea

    The latest emerging market might be in your own backyard. Increasingly corporations are tapping the brainpower of startups for innovative products and technology they wouldn't have dreamed up themselves.
  • Hit a Myth

    There are moments when the guidance offered by two pieces of conventional wisdom collide in contradiction and prompt a direction setting decision be made.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November / December 2015.