A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November/December 2011.

November/December 2011

  • Consumer-centric retailing

    Being a retailer isn't easy.
  • Minding the gender GAP

    What's really behind the scarcity of women in retail leadership positions?
  • Health Care costs: No limits in sight

    By far the majority of food retailers and manufacturers anticipate rising employee health care costs in 2012, with a net increase in projected costs of 8.2 percent, according to new research conducted by Retail Leader. While food retailers are trying new approaches to reducing their health care
  • Pulse Report: Back To Basics

    Against a backdrop of stagnant wages and high unemployment, consumers increasingly are clipping coupons and scouring store circulars as they write up their grocery lists before heading to the supermarket, according to SymphonyIRI Group's latest MarketPulse Survey findings. By planning ahead, shopp
  • Powering Brands

    Photography by Vito Palmisano John Compton, the CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods & Global Snacks Group, knows where PepsiCo's power comes from: 19 product lines each producing more than $1 billion in retail sales annually. Each brand in itself is a powerhouse – Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Quaker, T
  • Preventive Medicine

    New hikes in health care insurance premiums are putting the squeeze on grocery retailers and food manufacturers, forcing many to ask employees to take more responsibility for their health as management looks for ways to cut expenses. With arguments over key aspects of the Patient Protection and
  • Strong investment behind down-market success

    For much of the country winter is setting in, and that means re-adapting to winter driving. There's a metaphor here because winter driving can be nasty, just like the current global marketplace. And when you inevitably slide into that ice patch you have two choices: Hit the brakes, or step on it.
  • Filling the virtual shopping cart

    As consumers spend more time online and less time with traditional media, virtual shopping carts are taking on new importance for food retailers. Supermarkets are enhancing their online marketing efforts–and shoppers are responding.
  • Creating value with shopper solutions

    Recently the Grocery Manufacturers Association released its fifth annual shopper marketing study, titled "Creating Value with Shopper Solutions," authored by Matthew Egol, a partner at Booz & Company Consumer, Media & Digital, and supported by John Ross, chief executive officer of Shopper S
  • Beyond the barcode

    The barcode scanner decades ago epitomized technology in the retail food industry. No more. Now a variety of new technologies are emerging as game changers. Hosted software-as-a-service. Apps for smartphones and tablet computers.
  • 8 Ways Your Board of Directors Can Build Value

    As uncomfortable as it may be for executives in the hot seat, board members who are willing to ask questions and speak bluntly about concerns are a necessity. A variety of experts told Retail Leader that despite new regulations emphasizing the need for corporate boards to take more responsibility,

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November/December 2011.