Ocado aims for grocery automation

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Ocado aims for grocery automation


Online grocery retailer Ocado is testing a robot that can pick and pack fruits and vegetables, allowing the company to reduce its reliance on warehouse workers.

According to the Verge blog, Ocado, which is based in the United Kingdom, wants to automize its fulfillment process by having a robot pick and pack orders. Ocado is known for its use of technology in the food industry, and has been working to develop sophisticated robotics in collaboration with the SoMa Project — a robotics project funded by the European Union.

Ocado says the robot arm was particularly difficult to design because fruit and vegetables vary in shape and size. They also damage easily. So in response to these issues, the team chose to go with a gripper called the RBO Hand 2, which relies on pressurized air and rubber. It adjusts its grip, thereby keeping fruit intact.

See the robot in action by clicking here.