One Collective Voice Driving Change

Throughout its 103-year history, the Grocery Manufacturers Association has been proud to have served as the collective voice of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and as a laboratory for new ideas. In the midst of the most challenging economy in 70 years, an unpredictable political environment and shifting consumer attitudes, GMA's commitment to its members has never been greater.

Across each of our strategic areas of focus, the association is helping member companies successfully navigate today's complex CPG landscape.

GMA is bringing industry together, as one voice, to address the issues no one company can address alone.

Product Safety

  • GMA is taking a leadership role in implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act, the most sweeping reform of our food safety laws in 70 years, while also tackling Toxic Substances Control Act reform, ingredient issues including the Pew Food Additive Project and state legislative and regulatory reforms, such as California's Green Chemistry regulations.

Health and Wellness

  • After launching a front-of-pack nutrition labeling initiative a year ago, GMA and Food Marketing Institute will roll out a Facts Up Front consumer education campaign to promote use of the system.
  • GMA is working to ensure private sector and government efforts to reduce sodium content are based on sound science and reflect consumer preferences.
  • The association is leading a coalition to stop the government's proposed guidelines on marketing to children from becoming regulations.


  • Working with industry partners, GMA established the first-ever food waste management dialogue to develop innovative programs for reducing waste.

Value Chain Optimization

  • GMA is leading initiatives designed to foster sustainable business growth, increase efficiency and reduce costs along the supply chain.

Global Commerce

  • In November, GMA played a leading role in developing the Global Food Safety Fund to help bolster the food safety capacity of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economies.
  • GMA was a leading voice in calling for ratification of the Panama, Colombia and Korea free trade agreements, creating a level playing field for U.S. CPG companies.

Through these key initiatives and others, GMA is bringing industry together, as one voice, to address the issues no one company can address alone. On behalf of the GMA's board of directors, thank you for your ongoing support of GMA.


Pamela G. Bailey
GMA President and CEO