OnQ Gives Shoppers Control of Store Display Experience


OnQ, a Hayward, California-based technology and retail display company, has expanded its Converge platform with the launch of touchless, interactive in-store experiences. "Converge Display Control" lets shoppers control and navigate interactive content on any connected TV (CTV) by scanning a QR code using a smartphone. The retail merchandising offering aims to enhance the in-store experience by creating a two-way connection between shoppers and any network-connected display.

Converge Display Control can be used to display and navigate on-screen product information as well as control various consumer electronics devices such as smart speakers, televisions and soundbars. QR codes can be incorporated into existing digital signage or printed and placed on or near a display fixture, linking to a mobile browser.

Retailers can also choose to track and log the customer journey using OnQ’s Display Intelligence analytics platform and measure key elements such as interest level and dwell time to help inform business decisions about product assortment and promotions.

“Today’s retail climate demands a fresh approach to in-store interactivity, and retailers are desperate for new ways to engage customers in low-touch and no-touch environments,” OnQ CEO Paul Chapuis said in a news release. “With the flexibility of purchasing in-store or using their phones to buy online and ship to their homes, customers can now tailor every aspect of the shopping experience.”

OnQ calls Converge Display Control “an in-store merchandising solution built for omnichannel success.” Once a QR code takes the customer to the retailer’s website, the retailer establishes a customer connection that lasts well beyond their in-store visit, according to the release. The offering can provide retailers remarketing opportunities to share future promotions and updates with customers via their phones.