Overcoming the Pandemic Returns Challenge

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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Overcoming the Pandemic Returns Challenge
Consumers have been stockpiling returns during the months of lockdown due to COVID-19.

Retailers looking for help in overcoming the challenge of returns in the COVID-19 era have a new option.

Happy Returns, a provider of end-to-end return solutions for retailers and their customers, has reopened more than 200 dropoff locations in the company’s national Return Bar network. Happy Returns had temporarily closed all 700+ of its locations in March, due to concerns over the coronavirus.

While some retailers have focused on offering longer return windows or taken other measures, retailers will need to focus on cost-effective solutions for managing returns that are friction-free for shoppers. Happy Returns has overhauled its process for accepting in-person returns, making it 100% contactless.

“We’re thrilled to be able to re-open our Return Bar network and provide returns that are not only box-free and label-free, but also contact-free,” said Happy Returns CEO and co-founder, David Sobie. “We have worked with location partners to adapt our return process to the new normal of contactless retail experiences.”

Rather than handing returned items to store associates for processing, shoppers now bag items themselves and deposit sealed bags into Happy Returns reusable totes for aggregated shipping. The updated process is further streamlined by using QR codes to start returns, reducing the need for interaction between customers and store associates to call up orders and process returns. Happy Returns remains the only retail returns solution that is box-free and label-free and can now add contact-free as well.

“Our customers have always loved Happy Returns and it’s been great for our stores,” said Scott Traverso, Director of Store Operations from Cost Plus World Market. “As we reopen our stores, we’re excited to offer this updated service to serve our shoppers in a way that generates valuable foot traffic and gives peace of mind to shoppers and store associates.”