Personalization in Digital Food Retail: Closing the gap between shopper expectations and retail reality

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By Retail Leader - 09/27/2019



Shoppers embraced online food retailing faster than expected. Now, as momentum accelerates and expectations become elevated, retailers and shoppers aren’t always on the same page when it comes to the omnichannel experience, personalization and privacy.

The magnitude of this gap and the benefits to be realized from closing it are quantified in new research from IDC, sponsored by Precima. Retailers and shoppers shared their views about online food shopping, personalization and key drivers of behavior. Some of the differences are striking and reveal an opportunity for retailers to catch up to where shoppers want them to be.

Join Retail Leader, Precima and featured guest IDC as we dig into the data to reveal:
    •    The state of the omnichannel experience — where we’re at now and what’s next.
    •    The digital disconnect — what personalization means to shoppers vs. retailers.
    •    Where growth will come from and the unexpected drivers of e-commerce expansion.
    •    The evolution of assortments and hot growth categories.
    •    How to leverage next-gen analytics and solutions to optimize marketing and drive loyalty.





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