Pet products maker blasts Amazon

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Pet products maker blasts Amazon

By Louisa Hallett - 08/13/2018
Unscrupulous sellers in Amazon marketplace are posing brand protection challenge.

Unauthorized sellers of Nutramax branded pet products on, who appear to be based in China, are causing a huge headache for the manufacturer who has resorted to extraordinary actions.

The counterfeit products were examined by Nutramax and were found to be made up of a starchy filler compound. The company said that its active ingredients were also not present in the counterfeit products; therefore, pets are not receiving any of the needed health benefits that pets would otherwise receive from its authentic products. The company is, therefore, treating these counterfeit products as a threat to pets’ safety and well-being.

Nutramax says that its taking active steps towards fighting counterfeit by actively pursuing any company who appears to be selling counterfeit Nutramax products, including taking strong legal action; working closely with retail channels, especially open-market retailers online, to implement policies to prevent the sale of counterfeit products, remove unauthorized third-party sellers and take counterfeit goods out of circulation; and alerting law enforcement, including the FBI, and the appropriate government officials.

Amazon has not responded to a request for comment regarding the allegations.

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