PetSmart expands again, adds pricing power


PetSmart achieved a major milestone with the opening of its 1,600th store in El Paso while adding new pricing and promotion capabilities that bolster its omnichannel position.

PetSmart opened its 1,600th store, an 18,000-sq.-ft. location, in El Paso that follows an opening in Casper, Wyo., that gave the company a presence in all 50 states. The El Paso location includes some newer features such as a Pinnacle Pet Nutrition Shop that measures about 550-sq.-ft. and offers 400-plus items across several brands, and an expanded collection of pet food products featuring high-protein, natural, grain-free, minimally processed and raw pet food. These pet food types are the fastest growing in the overall pet food category, and include brands such as Only Natural Pet, a natural pet line that is protein-first, sustainably produced, American-manufactured pet food, as well as a line of supplements and other natural pet solutions.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with our associates and the community of El Paso, Texas,” said Brian Amkraut, executive vice president, store operations, services, supply chain and real estate, for PetSmart.

 “At a time when the retail world is dramatically changing and many retailers are closing stores, we are proud of our store expansion efforts,” said Brian Amkraut, PetSmart’s Executive Vice President of Store Operations, Services, Supply Chain and Real Estate. “We continue to focus on meeting the needs of pets and pet parents alike, and a key element of that strategy includes expanding our brick-and-mortar footprint to be the most convenient, best-in-class retailer.”

Another aspect of the company’s strategy involves being more effective in its pricing and promotional efforts. Accordingly, the company has deepened its three year old relationship with Revionics to include full usage of the cloud-based solutions provider’s portfolio of pricing, promotions, markdowns, and space management capabilities. The expanded license agreement will enable PetSmart to continue its pricing transformation journey with a more strategic, data-driven approach to pricing across the full life cycle, according to a joint statement from PetSmart and Revionics.

“We look forward to expanding our use of Revionics’ data-driven technology,” said Steve Luoma, PetSmart vice president of Pricing. “The full portfolio of solutions will help us provide even greater value to our pet parents and further enhance the overall customer experience.”

“Since first partnering with PetSmart in 2014, we’ve continued to unlock new ways to use science to give PetSmart and its shoppers more value,” said Revionics Chairman and CEO Marc H. Hafner.  “This is an exciting milestone, and we look forward to our continued collaboration with PetSmart.” 

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