Postmates takes on Amazon, Instacart

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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With Postmates' new Fresh service, consumers can order groceries via local partners for delivery in 30 minutes or less.

The San Francisco-based startup called Postmates has launched a Fresh service in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, putting it head to head with AmazonFresh, Instacart and other services.

The launch of Fresh, a new category for Postmates that curates high quality groceries and ingredients, is rolling out the same day as the company's new app design. This means customers can now get pesto, paper towels, LaCroix, Halo Top, Kombucha, free range chicken, prosciutto, salmon filet, organic apples, avocados  —  and pretty much all the essentials they need — in minutes.

"With the new Postmates interface, the Fresh shopping experience is intuitive and fast — averaging a delivery time of 30 minutes (vs. the two-hour window of most competitors). Customers can now count on us for those last minute items. Run out of lemons or limes? Check. You know, we’ve always made grocery runs. And by working with local partners to build out the Fresh category, we’re answering a demand for curated, locally-sourced groceries — delivered in minutes," according to the Postmates website.

The revamped Pstmates app  features a new view portal and scheduled deliveries. With scheduled deliveries, you can place a future order even if the store or restaurant is closed. 

"As someone who got into this business to make fresh ingredients more accessible to the masses, most of our products are perishable, with a short shelf life. But Postmates allows us to put our products into the hands of customers faster, while it’s still fresh,” said Pradeep Elankumaran, Co-Founder of Farmstead , a Postmates partner. “Essentially, Postmates allows us to connect with more customers than we would’ve otherwise, exposing that many more people to the benefits of a curated list of local brands and fresh produce.”