Prepared food: More Retailers Prepare Food In-House

Increasingly, food retailers want to be seen as a place to eat food, or at least buy it ready-to-eat, along with groceries for the home.

All of the grocery stores, and 78 percent of the convenience stores, contacted in Retail Leader's exclusive survey offer some sort of food prepared on-site for either on- of off-premise consumption. The three most common prepared foods in both channels were sandwiches, pizza and salads. Other foods scoring high in grocery stores were soup/stew/chili (75 percent), chicken (70 percent) and side dishes (70 percent). Half of the grocery stores reported offering complete meals.

Of the stores that prepare food on-site, 70.8 percent of the grocery stores and 60 percent of the convenience stores offer a sit-down area for consumption. Most of them (70.6 percent of grocery stores, 66.7 percent of c-stores) characterize this as a simple convenience for shoppers; a minority (23.5 percent of grocery stores, 22.2 percent of c-stores) say they compete with restaurants outright.

Q: Which meal occasion generates the most sales for food consumed IN your store?
Q: Which meal occasion generates the most sales for food consumed AWAY from your store?
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