Publix ends GreenWise Market format

The existing eight GreenWise Market stores will be converted into traditional Publix stores.
GreenWise Market
  • Publix is ending its GreenWise Market format. 
  • The eight stores focus on healthy and organic products.
  • The stores will be rebranded as Publix, though no timeframe was given.

Publix will rebrand its eight GreenWise Market locations as traditional Publix stores, the grocer confirmed to Retail Leader.

“Our customers’ shopping habits have reinforced that they enjoy the attributes of a Publix GreenWise Market location, but within their traditional Publix shopping setting,” a Publix spokesperson told Retail Leader.

According to reports, Publix plans to keep selling products under its GreenWise private label, which includes items such as plant-based proteins, despite ending the use of the name at those eight physical stores.

In addition to GreenWise Market’s focus on organic and healthy food options, the stores also represented Publix’s foray into smaller concept stores. The grocer first opened GreenWise stores in 2008, according to a previous Retail Leader report, though the grocer built just a few stores in that format before pausing it. 

It reintroduced GreenWise Market as smaller concept stores, focused on specialty, natural and organic products, in 2017, with the first revamped GreenWise Market store opening in late 2018, according to a previous release. At approximately 25,000 square feet, the GreenWise locations were notably smaller than a typical Publix supermarket. The stores also featured made-to-order food items, such as pizza, bowls, artisan sandwiches, house-smoked meats and baked goods, according to its website.

GreenWise stores are currently found in Florida in Tampa, Odessa, Lakeland, Boca Raton, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale and Nocatee along with in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Publix told Retail Leader a definitive timeline for the store rebrands was not set, though Publix plans to roll out some GreenWise Market features in its traditional stores.