Publix: most reputable grocery chain

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Publix: most reputable grocery chain

By Louisa Hallett - 09/07/2018
Publix snags another win, as the company gets declared the most reputable grocer in the U.S.

Publix continues adding top rankings, as the company hits the list of being one of the top 10 most reputable U.S. retailers.

According to the Reputation Institute, a provider of reputation intelligence, Publix hits number 10 in this years list of the 2018 US Retail RepTrak rankings. One of the largest corporate reputation study of its kind, the US Retail RepTrak is based on nearly 10,000 individual ratings from among the informed US general public and based on an assessment of 88 nominated companies.

“What you sell and stand for matters,” said William Shifflett, Vice President of Reputation Institute. “Delivering on products, governance, and citizenship is a priority for retail companies when creating a strong reputation foundation.”

Reputation Institute’s top 10 most reputable retailers in 2018 are:

1. Barnes & Noble  

2. Amazon  

3. Cabela’s  

4. AutoZone

5. Costco  

6. Ace Hardware

7. Tiffany & Co.  

8. Williams-Sonoma  

9. PetSmart  

10. Publix

Other grocery retailers ranked include: #15 Kroger, #17 Whole Foods, #29 Meijer, #35 BJ’s, #46 Stop & Shop, #47 Albertson’s, #62 Big Lots, #67 Target, #71 Safeway and #83 Walmart. According to the RepTrak ranking, this makes Publix the most reputable grocery chain within the U.S.

Publix also recently received kudos once again, this time for being one of the best workplaces for millennials. Fortune surveyed more than 434,000 millennials in its "Great Place to Work" survey. Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1998, make up about 45 percent of Publix’s workforce. In addition to being named one of the best workplaces for millennials, Publix was also named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in America for 21 consecutive years.

Purpose-driven retail companies with enhanced brand strength have a higher reputation, and that is increasingly important as retail brand strength has decreased by 3.6 points since 2017. Barnes & Noble attained the top position with the strongest emotional connection and on the key drivers of reputation, such as governance and citizenship. Likewise, Publix’s inclusion in the top 10 also reflects strong placement in the dimensions of citizenship, workplace, supporting good causes and positive influence on society.

Between 2014 and 2016, Amazon was the most reputable company in the US. In 2017, the company ranked first in the US retail industry. The 2018 US Retail RepTrak results indicate that this year Amazon’s reputation story enters a new chapter with its reputation dropping from excellent to strong. Along with a 4.5-point reputation drop, Amazon experienced a decline across all dimensions, most significantly in workplace, citizenship and governance.

Among companies facing reputation challenges, Abercrombie & Fitch is the least reputable retail company with a score of 53.5. Abercrombie & Fitch ranked with the lowest score in citizenship, the lowest score in having a positive influence on society, the second lowest score in products/services, and the second lowest score on offering products at a good value for money.

The survey quantifies the emotional bond stakeholders have with leading companies and how these connections drive supportive behavior such as the willingness to purchase a company’s products, recommend the brand, invest or work for the company.