Pulse Report: Healthy Living - Getting to Growth Beyond the Health Care Aisles

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Pulse Report: Healthy Living - Getting to Growth Beyond the Health Care Aisles


With an incredible amount of access to information and resources, consumers today have adopted a self-care approach to many aspects of their lives. This approach to healthcare, in particular, has been driven by a number of factors, including the fluctuating economy, the rising cost of healthcare and decreases in disposable income due to changes in the SNAP program. An additional factor that may influence consumer behavior is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was enacted in 2010.

Robert Sanders,
EVP and Healthcare Practice Leader, IRI,

A key component of the ACA is an increased focus on prevention, encouraging consumers to take a more holistic approach to health management and opening the door for consumer packaged goods marketers to engage consumers on a deeper, more personal level. The impact of this program is still forming, so marketers that hit the mark will enjoy their own increased health–healthier brand equity and healthier growth–today and for years to come.

Getting deeper and more personal with consumers, though, is no easy task. There is no one-size approach to delivering health and wellness solutions. Key shopper groups require tailored and targeted assortment in high-demand categories, and marketing messages must consider a particular group's attitudes and understanding of the product or brand.

Shopper fragmentation is accelerating in the United States. Along with increasing ethnic diversity, CPG marketers are working to serve older consumers well while laying important groundwork to serve a very different group–millennials. Additionally, the National Institutes for Health's National Assessment of Adult Literacy revealed that nine out of 10 adults lack the skills needed to manage their own health and prevent disease. Health illiteracy is considered by many experts to be a "silent epidemic" in this country.

The health and wellness movement stands to make an impact across CPG categories and retail outlets, touching and satisfying needs from broad consumer groups today and into the future. CPG marketers and retailers that understand the evolving desires and demands of consumers can expect big gains and benefits.


Source: IRI Healthcare Insurance and ACA Segmentation, January 2015

ACA participants are more likely to be embracing proactive health care behaviors versus non-participants.

Percent of Consumers
Source: Self Care study conducted by IRI on behalf of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, February 2014

A vast majority of strategies embraced to manage overall health have implications far beyond traditional healthcare categories.

Percent of Consumers
Source: MedProfiler XIV

Prevalence of health-related habits vary markedly across ethnic cohorts, illustrating the need for targeted education and encouragement.

Dollar Sales Percent Change Vs. Year Ago
Source: IRI InfoScan Reviews™, Custom Vitamin & Mineral Database, 52 weeks ended 1/18/2015

Consumer focus on prevention is supporting strong growth across a number of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement categories.

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