Raley's Supermarkets jumps on meal kit train

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Raley's Supermarkets jumps on meal kit train

By Gina Acosta - 10/30/2018
Raley’s subscription-free meal kits are easy to follow, chef-created recipes that aim to make dinner foolproof and flavorful.

Raley’s has reimagined meal kits by launching a range of new solutions that aim to solve a variety of meal problems for shoppers.

The grocer has launched  a meal kit line that includes full meal kits, quick kits, creative kits, sides and components. The new Raley’s meal kits were designed exclusively by Raley’s and bring a new offering of convenient, high-quality meals to customers.

According to Nielsen, over 50% of shoppers want to be able to purchase components separately and build their meal. And an estimated 70% of of shoppers want to try new recipes and new foods. Additionally, consumers are looking for meal kits that emphasize fresh foods, health and nutrition.

Raley’s subscription-free meal kits are easy to follow, chef-created recipes that make dinner foolproof and flavorful. The recipes were developed by Raley’s Culinary Innovation Manager & Chef, Evelyn Miliate. The meals are seasonally inspired and recipes will rotate quarterly.  All offerings are made with clean ingredients and the highest quality produce and meat. The kits were developed to ensure flexibility and let customers experience fresh cooking by following a recipe or exploring with components, offering a tailored approach to however the customer eats.

“We want to be the destination for our customers looking for a healthy, home cooked meal,” said Chef Evelyn Miliate, Raley’s Culinary Innovation Manager. “Fresh Kits are an affordable solution to dinner that customers can trust. The kits include high-quality ingredients and offer great variety so your family doesn’t get bored with the same recipes.”

The launch of the new fresh kits provides customers with an affordable, on-demand solution for dinner, in four different ways: meal kits come with all items to make a full meal; quick kits come with pre-cut vegetables and cooked chicken to get dinner on the table fast; Steamable Rotisserie Sides pair with a grab-and-go Rotisserie Chicken, which means lightning-fast prep; and Creative Kits are flexible, including several different combinations of sauces, starches and vegetables.

Raley’s new Meal kits represents another step in the transformation into a customer experience company that is committed to making personalized, healthier options available to customers, how and when they want them. Customers can find the new meal kits in-store or online, with an option to pick-up at the store or have them delivered to the home.  

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