Reasor’s Deploys Automated Salad Station

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Reasor’s Deploys Automated Salad Station Sally Chowbotics DoorDash
Chowbotics' Sally automated salad station offers up to 22 ingredients freshly prepared daily by Reasor’s deli associates, enabling hundreds of combinations for salads and bowls.

Customers at three northeast Oklahoma Reasor’s stores will now be able to order custom salads and bowls from Sally, the Fresh Food Robot. An alternative to the traditional salad bar, the automated salad station has debuted at the independent grocer’s stores at 41st and Peoria and 15th and Lewis, in Tulsa, as well as its Broken Arrow location.

“We are thrilled to be the first to introduce Sally, the create-your-own salad robot, to our community,” noted Reasor’s CEO Jeff Reasor. “Sally complements Reasor’s culinary teams by expanding our fresh meal solutions through technology that assembles made-to-order fresh salads and bowls on the spot. In the era of COVID-19, Sally’s proprietary technology has become even more important as it allows for a little if any touching of the ingredients. With Sally, we are offering a better solution that is fresh, safe — and fun.”

Developed by food robotics company Chowbotics and taking up a compact 3-foot-by-3-foot space, Sally offers as many as 22 ingredients freshly prepared daily by Reasor’s deli associates, enabling hundreds of combinations for salads and bowls. Customers can use the integrated touchscreen to select pre-programmed, chef-crafted salads and bowls, or they can create their own customized items by combining their desired choice of available ingredients. Nutritional details are displayed so customers can tweak their orders to meet their individual dietary needs by adding or removing ingredients.

“Shoppers love that they can personalize Sally’s made-to-order meals to their exact liking through its easy-to-use interface,” said Rick Wilmer, head of Chowbotics at San Francisco-based DoorDash, which recently acquired the company. “Reasor’s is paving the way for the most innovative and safe self-serve experience.”

Sally’s proprietary technology reduces the risk of foodborne illness, as ingredients are in sealed and separate containers kept under constant, monitored 38-degree Fahrenheit refrigeration. Ingredients are replenished regularly by Reasor’s deli associates, who receive automatic expiration notifications, ensuring optimal freshness. The automated station’s unique environment also helps eliminate food waste, as the ingredients aren’t exposed to open-air contamination and are kept consistently cool, so they last longer. 

Last year, Cleveland, Ohio-based Heinen's introduced Sally in a pilot at its Pepper Pike, Ohio, store.

Tahlequah, Oklahoma-based Reasor’s operates 17 locations and one convenience store throughout northeastern Oklahoma. The employee-owned company provides jobs for nearly 2,500 community members.

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