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RL Pro Exclusive Q&A: Real-time and Next-level Loyalty Insights

Elizabeth Christenson
Editor, Retail Leader
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Pro Tip: Loyalty continues to be a difficult concept to navigate within retail as consumers grow their mission-driven shopping behaviors and focus on how retail can work best for them. Loyalty programs need to solve the problem of “what’s in it for me?” for consumers in order to create a lasting change in behavior. Making loyalty fun, engaging and competitive is key.

It’s easy to say that any loyalty program that helps consumers save money in today’s financial climate will resonate — and to a large degree, that’s true. Consumers are looking to join loyalty programs to save money against rising prices. ASDA in the United Kingdom, for example, launched its first-ever loyalty program in August 2022, which focused on providing cash savings and very quickly had more than 1 million members engaging with the program.

But many consumers have a more profound desire to connect with a retailer’s loyalty program because they provide value that exceeds everyday savings. They seek to make their customers’ lives better and easier. Retail Leader Pro (RL Pro) talked loyalty and how tech is pushing it forward with Tim Mason, Eagle Eye’s CEO, below.

RL Pro: What kinds of retailer loyalty programs resonate with consumers? Why do you think this is?

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