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Robotics, Retail and Replenishment: Winning strategies for in-store excellence



Grocers face increased in-stock challenges and new restocking pressures brought on by an accelerated shift to e-commerce. As shopper dynamics have changed, new challenges have emerged around labor availability, training and operational requirements related to COVID-19.
Going forward, grocers are navigating a complex web of inter-related challenges regarding in-store execution and limited visibility to what “normal” shopper behavior looks like in a post-COVID-19 world. Join Progressive Grocer and Retail Leader as we untangle this web and explore the future with the help of two respected automation, robotics and process improvement leaders. Join the conversation as we discuss:

  • The state of digital fulfillment and retailers’ automation efforts
  • Key drivers of the need for automation and robotics today
  • Where innovation efforts are being channeled & the next big automation breakthrough
  • How new applications are solving next generation challenges
  • What success looks like with robotic process improvement and key metrics to measure

View the on-demand webinar for fresh insights on one of the most pressing issues in retail. 




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