A collection of news, articles and other featured content about September / October 2012.

September / October 2012

  • Succession Planning 101

    The best laid succession plans often veer off course. When PepsiCo elevated John Compton to the role of president in March, analysts speculated he was a likely successor to Chief Executive Indra Nooyi.
  • No Room for Error

    News of recalls arrives almost daily: Mushrooms recalled Aug. 18 because of listeria; cantaloupes recalled Aug. 22 because of salmonella; bagged salad recalled Aug. 27 because of listeria. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S.
  • A Different Take on Collaboration

    We spend a lot of time in this industry talking about collaboration between manufacturers and retailers. We expound on the benefits of retailers and suppliers working together, strengthening the links of the "value chain" and ultimately serving the customer better, faster, more efficiently.
  • A Coupon for building Loyalty

    For retailers, couponing presents a familiar conundrum. While coupons are a proven driver of store traffic and top-line sales, they focus customers' attention on price and create an environment where it's difficult to provide differentiated offers or service levels based on customer value.
  • Internet Sales: Fact or Fiction?

    Conventional wisdom says shoppers won't buy perishable products online, sight unseen. Yet leave it to giant Walmart to sell apples, bananas and salad greens from its website, proving the naysayers wrong.
  • Top concerns: Facing Economic Challenges

    Challenges for retailers and CPG manufacturers abound in a slow-growing economy that has bred continued uncertainty.
  • Creating a Culture of INNOVATION

    Since early August, hungry consumers in Lakeland, Fla., have been ordering custom subs and wraps online or via smartphone for pickup at the local Publix store. This online shopping test follows the company's decision earlier this year to shut down an 18-month experiment in online grocery shoppi
  • Managing the C-Suite

    Lions don't hunt chipmunks. They focus on larger prey. This piece of advice, which sits on a banner every time Hospira Chief Executive Officer Mike Ball takes stage, is a tip well passed down any organization's hierarchy.
  • Pulse report: Keeping pace with evolving shopper behavior

    Still wary of a faltering economy, shoppers are changing where and how often they purchase their household goods. Larry Levin,
  • To Succeed, Change and Change Again

    Change and focus were key themes at the Hispanic 360 Conference, the GMA Executive Conference and the U.S. Open tennis tournament, all of which I attended in August.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about September / October 2012.