ShopRite launches new in-store digital displays

New 32-inch displays have been installed at checkout in a group of ShopRite stores in New York City.
  • ShopRite stores in New York City have received a retail media upgrade.
  • The stores are the first to get Grocery TV’s new 32-inch front-end displays.
  • The displays can play video and can be purchased programmatically to target regional or national audiences.

Retail Media network Grocery TV has launched new 32-inch displays at the front end of select ShopRite  — a Wakefern Food Corp. banner — stores in New York City. 

Grocery TV, an in-store retail media network, in an April 12 release said the screens would eventually roll out to more stores across its network, which currently includes more than 19,000 screens. It did not state where it planned to launch the 32-inch displays in the future, and it did not specify which ShopRite locations in New York had the new screens.

Grocery TV in the release said the front-end displays would be “highly visible” to consumers inside the store, whether they’re walking through aisles, passing the front perimeter or waiting in line to check out. 

The front-end displays have video capabilities and can be purchased by advertisers programmatically to target either national or regional audiences, the release said. Ideally, customers will view the front-end displays multiple times during a single visit, the release said.

In January, Grocery TV acquired Minneapolis-based Mediaworks Advertising Solutions and its network of in-store sanitizer stations that include 32-inch displays as part of its effort to grow its store entrance presence. Last month, Grocery TV launched a proprietary retail marketing platform, a tool for retailers to manage and track campaigns across varying formats and locations.