Store-in-Store Trend Comes to Cannabis Retail

The rising trend of retailers teaming up together for in-store shops has hit the cannabis industry.
Las Vegas

Cann, a cannabis-infused beverage company, has opened a store within Planet 13 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest dispensary. The brand’s debut at the store offers partygoers in Sin City its microdosed THC social drinks that encourage a culture that leaves consumers hangover free.

The company’s goal aims to refocus drinking culture with products that don’t cause regret or painful hangovers. It also aligns with Gen Zers, who drink 20% less than Millennials, who also drank less than Gen X and Baby Boomers at the same age. At the same time, cannabis as an alternative to alcohol has risen in popularity, especially for younger generations. Each of Cann's core products include 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD––a relatively small dose that aims to provide a “social buzz.”

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"While Cann is very much about alcohol substitution, our 'F*ck Hangovers' installation at Planet 13 has a double meaning in this city: 1) Swap booze for Cann and avoid the debilitating hangover or 2) If you accidentally drink to excess, we get it, and this will help you recover the morning after,”  Cann Co-Founder Luke Anderson said in a statement.

The introduction of Cann at Planet 13 follows many other retailers that have partnered with brands to open shops within their own doors. For example, Target has partnered with Ulta Beauty to set up in-store shops that aim to bring in more customers loyal to the beauty retailer. Bed, Bath & Beyond also plans to sell bedsheets and other products at Kroger next year, while Toys”R”Us is setting up shops within Macy’s locations. The partnerships are happening as more consumers are returning to stores after COVID-19 lockdown measures in 2020.

The drinks are priced between $16 and $20 for a four- or six-pack. In addition to Planet 13 in Las Vegas, Cann products are available in California, Nevada, Rhode Island, Illinois, Massachusetts and soon in Arizona.