Stride Rite Debuts Pop-Up with Digital Fitting

Children’s footwear brand Stride Rite is taking shoe fitting digital through a new pop-up retail experience in Atlanta
Stride Rite

The brand, which debuted its first-ever pop-up at the Lenox Square Mall, features digital fitting technology called the Fit Zone by Stride Rite, where children can determine their shoe size almost instantaneously. Instead of browsing shelves, shoppers can get fitted and scan a “buy now” widget at the bottom of a shoe to order it directly from Stride Rite’s website.

The pop-up aims to bring the needs of the digital age to brick-and-mortar retail.

The small retail footprint is similar to other recent brick-and-mortar innovations, including a precision skincare company, Revea, that launched a retail store in San Francisco that doesn’t carry any inventory. Instead, customers schedule an appointment to meet with experts at the store and receive a skin exam using the company’s technology that finds the right skin products based on their results. 

The pop-up format enables Stride Rite to experiment with the concept and also promote its brand in a physical store. The technology and concept also helps customers overcome one major barrier to online shoe shopping: fit.