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The Surprising Way Well-being Is Branching Out into New Retail Sectors

Elizabeth Christenson
Editor, Retail Leader Pro
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Pro Tip:  Retail is no longer about selling goods to consumers, but creating an ecosystem around them as an individual through multiple services, experiences and touchpoints. Personal financial well-being goes hand in hand with the consumer’s ability to spend across retail categories, and bringing that experience to consumers in a unique way can benefit both parties.

Ways that financial well-being can be utilized across retail:

  • In the grocery space, grocers can partner with in-store credit unions or banks to provide upgraded services or programming to shoppers.
  • Improved financial literacy efforts across retailer-based credit card programs & BNPL services offered to consumers beyond just discounts and payment options.

Consumer focus on well-being extends across product categories and even retail sectors — widening now to the financial sector as banks rethink older, transactional models and shift to concepts that inspire personal progress and financial well-being.

 Zürcher Kantonalbank
The bank’s “Forum” space serves as an area for consumers, collaborators and communities to meet together.

Zürcher Kantonalbank, a Zurich, Switzerland-based financial institution, wanted to reimagine retail banking with its newest flagship “Branch of the Future” experience in Winterthur, Switzerland. The flagship follows the success of its experiential pilot that opened in early 2020 in Stettback, Switzerland, near Zurich, which helped inform the thinking and design for the new experience.

Brand innovation studio Dalziel & Pow and Zürcher Kantonalbank worked together to reimagine the banking experience, with the development of a new strategic vision in response to evolving customer needs and aspirations, the growth of digital platforms and tools, and the decreasing relevance of traditional “sales-led” advertising and marketing. 

“The experience diverts from conventional transactional banking and sales-driven marketing, and instead shifts to a new model that inspires personal progress and financial well-being,” Paul West, Dalziel & Pow’s strategy director, told Retail Leader Pro. “It’s an uplifting experience designed to help people feel inspired and motivated about their future — from saving and investing to progressing in life, work and business.”

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