Survey: Almost Half of Americans Tried ‘Second-Choice’ Products During Pandemic

The way Americans shopped changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but consumers still made big purchases and navigated new retail changes to get what they wanted.
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That’s according to a recent survey from Momentive, which queried more than 1,100 Americans in August about their pandemic shopping habits. While shoppers still shopped throughout the pandemic, there were some challenges, including shortages and stock issues, which influenced purchase decisions.

According to the survey, a majority of Americans (65%) still made major purchases during the pandemic, but supply chain issues caused nearly half (47%) to purchase items that were not their first choice. In addition, 54% said they’ve experienced stock/supply/shipping issues related to COVID-19.

While the supply chain issues became apparent during the height of the pandemic, the issues are still lingering. Just more than 40% of survey respondents said they purchased something that wasn’t their first choice within the last three months. However, a portion of shoppers––20%––said they plan to keep their secondary choice, but will still buy their first choice when it becomes available.

Among second-choice products, the most popular items include clothing and accessories (40%), electronics (30%) and appliances (31%). All that shopping has led to buyer’s remorse for some 30% of shoppers, including furniture (21%), electronics/video games (20%) and clothing and accessories (20%).

Amazon was a clear winner of the pandemic, with 74% of those who had made a major purchase during the pandemic buying from the e-commerce retailer at a much higher rate compared to those who didn’t make a major purchase.