Target Reveals Sustainability Strategy

Target has launched a new sustainability strategy, dubbed Target Forward, that aims to positively impact people and the planet.
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The strategy includes a number of targets for the retailer to achieve, including creating and curating sustainable brands, becoming a net zero enterprise, increasing its diversity and more. Target Forward is anchored in Target’s mission to help families discover the joy of everyday life, but also focuses on restoring and regrowing natural systems and co-creating an equitable and regenerative future with its guests, partners and communities

Executive Summary

The new initiative comes as more consumers are shopping with their conscience and avoiding brands and retailers that don’t align with their values. More retailers are responding to these rising consumer demands by introducing new initiatives focused on sustainability, equality and other social issues.

“As a company and a member of the global community, it’s imperative for both the health of our business and of our planet that we embrace new ways to move forward,” Brian Cornell, chairman and CEO of Target, said in a statement. “We know sustainability is tied to business resiliency and growth, and that our size and scale can drive change that is good for all. Target Forward influences every corner of our business, deepens our collaboration with our partners and builds on our past efforts to ensure a better future for generations to come.”

Many of the new goals in Target Forward build off what the retailer has already worked toward for greater sustainability, such as its circular design principles in its owned brands, including Universal Thread and Everspring, as well as setting emissions goals.

Under Target Forward, Target aims to become a “market leader” for creating and curating inclusive, sustainable brands and experiences by 2030; ensure all its owned brands include circular design principles by 2040; achieve net zero waste and emissions by 2040; and build a team that equitably reflects the communities it services by 2030, including increasing Black team member representation across the company by 20% by 2023.

Exec summary

Additionally, the Target Foundation will become more active and deeply ingrained within communities.

“We want our guests to turn to Target first when they think about sustainability,” said Amanda Nusz, senior vice president of corporate responsibility and president of the Target Foundation. “We know that the only way to make that possible is by putting both people and the planet at the center of our efforts, as we co-create with our guests, our partners and the communities we serve.”