Technology and Innovation

  • 2023 Retail Sustainability Awards

    The inaugural Retail Sustainability Awards, presented by Retail Leader and RIS News, recognize the innovators and change makers who have made sustainability an integral part of how they do business.
    2023 Retail Sustainability Awards
  • Value Chain Tech Study 2023

    The shift from a traditional supply chain strategy to one that creates value at every step is gaining momentum among retailers as they move toward an optimized and customer-centric approach to core operations.
    Value Chain Tech Study
  • Improving supply chain forecasts

    Continuous inventory tracking and clear partner communication enable agile responses to demand shifts.
    supply chain
  • Personalizing the in-store shopping experience

    Shoppers of every demographic are quickly becoming accustomed to the hyper-personalized experience e-commerce provides. Brick-and-mortar retail must keep up.
    shopping in a department store
  • Registration open for inaugural Value Chain Tech event

    Retail Leader and RIS News are joining forces to debut Value Chain Tech 2024, a unique new annual event focused on the technologies that power supply chain management success.
    Value Chain Tech 2024
  • Four Ways Smart Pickup Lockers Grow Your Business

    In this ebook, you’ll discover how smart locker solutions make BOPIS order pickup the fast, secure and efficient experience your customers are looking for. You’ll also see how automation and data can help you optimize the last step in order fulfillment to make it more efficient and seamless.
    Apex Teaser Image
  • AI capabilities retailers should use

    Optimizing inventory management, creating an in-store guide and automating customer contact centers are just some of the ways retailers can tap into AI.
  • How AI is transforming fashion and the law

    While the advantages of Gen AI are certain, it is critical to understand the novel legal implications that its use raises.
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