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From Theory to Reality: Infilect’s Equation That Revolutionized CPG Sales

Image Recognition & real-time retail analytics to drive CPG sales growth in 2023
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Winning at the shelf is an outcome of orchestrating a perfect retail execution. The inability to properly measure on-shelf stock levels, shelf metrics, and compliance scores in every store results in a blind spot, leading to lost sales and poor outcomes on trade spends. Retail execution has been people-process-centric for decades but with the onset of the Digital Age, and data becoming the new oil, businesses, including CPG giants realized the significance of smart investment in tech adoption like Machine Learning, Image Recognition using Computer Vision and AI. In 2022, the CPG market was valued at US$ 2060 Bn, and it is projected to reach US$ 2808 Bn by 2030, growing by a CAGR of 3.5%. ( Source: Beyond Market Insights). North America has the biggest market share of 37.5% in 2021.  The industry is crowded with manufacturers and is fiercely competitive. 

CPG sales and marketing leaders worldwide are seeking answers to questions like how one keeps track of thousands of SKUs including competition. How does one convert photos to planograms and do planogram checks from a variety of stores? How does one ensure 100% merchandising hygiene with geo-fencing, time stamping, and selfie attendance? How do we adhere fully to the brand’s standard visibility rules? How to determine personalized discounts and offers for each store and channel? How can we improve per-store sales with intelligent system-generated recommendations?

The Winning Equation for a perfect retail execution

To effectively optimize in-store retail execution, Image Recognition technology is powering many worldwide CPG manufacturers to understand how and what happens to products when they reach the store shelves. Also, analyzing consumer demands and trends can help in pinpointing untapped sales opportunities in existing stores across categories. For instance, in every store, CPG brands only have over 6 to 12 ft wide shelves to make an impact on the shoppers who spend only a few seconds scanning the shelves. This puts pressure on manufacturers to ensure the high discoverability of products on the shelves along with other factors such as pricing and promotions that come to play. That's why orchestrating a perfect retail execution is pertinent.

At Infilect Inc. we aim to solve the perennial challenges that have been infesting the CPG ecosystem. A turnkey solution designed to bring data assimilation, assessment, and insight generation under one roof. We aim to make in-store data gathering reliable, unadulterated, free of transcriptional & estimation errors, and accessible in real time. 

After studying all the key components involved in making an effective sale, we have come up with an equation that guarantees product purchase from the shelves.

(Photo collection)+ (Image Recognition)+ (Real Time Analytics & Actions)= Per Store Sales lift

With our “Click & Go” audits, procuring store data is uncomplicated and is available at a click, quite literally. This click-sized effort amplified across all the stores around the globe brings our photo collection to a whooping 25 Million. Next up, is the intelligence that reads, understands, and produces actionable insights out of an ocean of information. Over the years, we have built and improvised our Image Recognition to be more interactive and comprehensive. But in order to boast results, one must quote its tangibility. The accuracy of the visual intelligence facilitating CPG leaders of our clientele is 95% and we continue to climb the ladder. The last and invariably the most crucial component of this equation is generating instant insights. At Infilect, our product has been churning out insight reports within 60 seconds of photo capture. 

An amalgamation of all these three factors in the perfect stoichiometry is the key to elevated sales volume. We have been able to do this for some of the biggest CPG brands, more about it here.

Many global CPG brands today rely on Infilect’s Image Recognition AI solutions to transform their retail store audits, and better plan their on-shelf merchandise assortments that result in a direct impact on revenue. This has also resulted in leaders having complete control of their on-shelf stock availability, reducing out-of-stock days,  improving brand-level Share-of-Shelf, and achieving 100% promotions and planogram compliance. With real-time actionable retail execution insights, time to address issues is reduced as the same field force can make on-the-spot fixes before exiting the store.

Reliance on manual audits is taking a backseat owing to rising labor costs and limitations to scale across every store. Automation of store audits can empower field forces with critical data and action plans that enable them to spend their time meaningfully inside stores and cover a larger number of stores easily. By simply clicking a few pictures of the shelves, brands can now identify and gain insights into how their products, promotions, and pricings are being displayed, how they are positioned in relation to each other, and whether their set planograms are being implemented correctly by the retailers. This information can then be used to optimize product placement and improve the overall in-store shopping experience for customers. 

With an increased focus to stay nimble and fast, improving the coordination and execution of field force,  integration of AI, and automation of store audits will be the key to driving efficiency. improving performance metrics, boosting store sales, and remaining competitive. Image recognition-based retail analytics is giving four main levers of retail execution back to sales and category leaders; Control, Efficiency, Optimization, and Scale. Image Recognition has the potential to play a big role in driving the future of CPG sales. Bringing efficiency in category management, on-shelf space planning, and planogram management will lead to effective utilization of trade budgets and yield better ROI. 

Vijay Gabale

“We now have 50 million SKUs being indexed in our catalog. With super fast onboarding of customers and 99% AI accuracy, there has been a constant influx of customers that are switching from incumbent Image Recognition providers to Infilect.”
Vijay Gabale, Co-founder & CTPO, Infilect Inc.

Also, having reliable and real-time brand-level execution insights can benefit category and brand leaders in multiple ways

  • Measuring the health of diversified categories via Share of Shelf at both brand and SKU levels. 
  • Real-time tracking and mitigating understocked and overstocked SKUs in each category.
  • Analyzing competitor’s positioning using the number of SKU facings, linear Share of Shelf, pricing, and promotions.
  • Measuring planogram scoring based on the placement and position of each SKU category on the shelves per store/per banner/per region.
  • Significant savings on trade spent by monitoring promotional compliance and display conditions at each store. 

Technology is already playing a grand role in supplementing retail decision-making today. CPG companies have increased their investment in new-age technologies by over 10% since the pandemic. Retail execution digitization using Image Recognition AI will be the next pillar in enterprise digital adoption for all CPG brands and retailers. The value is unparalleled in terms of increased sales, boost in productivity of on-ground teams and better ROIs on trade spends. 

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Infilect Inc. builds Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence solutions for worldwide FMCG manufacturers and Retailers. Purpose-built for FMCG, the platform empowers sales and marketing leaders with real-time and accurate on-shelf metrics and in-store retail execution insights to simplify retail decision-making, improve in-store brand visibility and boost per-store sales, at scale. Infilect's solutions are fast to set up (< 2 weeks), priced affordably, built to delight, yet powerful enough to deliver critical business outcomes. With global offices in Bangalore - India and Delaware - the US, Infilect's solutions are deployed in 18+ countries across 400K stores while processing 25 Million in-store image per month. 
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