Three Trends Named for Selling Children’s Foods

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Three Trends Named for Selling Children’s Foods


And while industry players should focus on developing products that gain loyalty of kids and parents, keeping them involved with the brand throughout childhood, this can be difficult, as companies have to market to both end users (children) and purchasers (parents). The report suggests marketers understand three megatrends that could continue to shape the market for kid-friendly foods: the generational influence of the millennial parent and her mindset toward spending, the multicultural child population and how to appeal to traditional cultural values, and the concept of stealth health and “real food” movements to help focus on kids’ nutrition.

RL’s take: A lot of millennials have grown up: Four-fifths (80 percent) of the 4 million annual U.S. births are from millennial parents. Marketers seeking to reach the youngest demographic are going to have to get past the stereotype of all millennials acting narcissistic and entitled.