Thrive Market looks to do even more good

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Thrive Market looks to do even more good

By Gina Acosta - 03/16/2018
Thrive Market is a membership-based e-comm player offering organic groceries at wholesale prices in eco-friendly packaging.

Socially conscious online-only retailer Thrive Market is investing millions of dollars in exemplifying what it means to be an ethical enterprise.

The co-founders of Thrive Market, a membership-based e-comm player offering organic groceries at wholesale prices in eco-friendly packaging, are launching a charitable fund called the Alliance for Good for people who have built socially-conscious brands and are looking at other ways to give back.

The three founders of Thrive, Gunnar Lovelace, Nick Green, and Sasha Siddhartha, announced they will fund the platform with an initial donation of $12.7 million.

The Alliance is open to individuals who come in as equal co-founders with a minimum donation commitment of $1 million. The goal of the Alliance is to have hundreds of co-founders who have made $1 million-plus commitments and, starting in 2019, to host an annual Solutions Summit where the community comes together to work on scalable solutions.

"By creating an alliance of philanthropically like-minded folks, we are able to build community and deeper purpose while giving back, and to have a greater impact by working collectively," said Gunnar Lovelace, Co-Founder of Thrive Market. "Our focus as the founders of Thrive Market has been to show we can scale social enterprise. Alliance for Good is a new venue in which we can do that in partnership with other stakeholders. We are excited to achieve more good together at scale."

According to the company, the Alliance for Good is an effort to magnify the impact of issues that Thrive Market and its customers have been supporting through the e-commerce business.

Founders of the online grocer have built their business by appealing to consumers who appreciate and support the company's philanthropic and advocacy initiatives.

Thrive Market led the movement to make food stamps available to online shoppers (therefore making healthy food choices available to people regardless of geography), is co-leading a movement of organic companies to launch a Regenerative Organic certification program for the industry and consumers, and works directly with producers and brands to develop ethical supply chains. It was also the first e-commerce company to go zero waste out of their distribution centers to landfill.

Thrive Market is a membership e-commerce platform that charges customers $60 per year for access to their favorite natural snacks, supplements, home, beauty, and baby products at a discount, shipped direct to their door for free. Each paid membership on the site also sponsors a free membership for a low-income family.