Trend Talk Video: The Explosive Growth of Private Label with Dan Ochwat, Store Brands

Retail Leader Editor Amy Baxter sat down with Dan Ochwat, executive editor of Store Brands, for the latest episode of Trend Talk to discuss the explosive growth of private labels across the retail industry.

Whether it’s big box retailers, grocery stores or Amazon, many retailers are investing in their own private labels for a variety of product offerings. Baxter and Ochwat take a look at some of the most recent emerging private label brands and how retailers are leveraging their own identities to overtake traditional brands. 

Plus, the two discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has opened a window of opportunity for private labels to seize on changing consumer habits, and why millennials love store labels.

Trend Talk is a new thought leadership interview series from Retail Leader. Each week, Trend Talk will identify a macro trend in the retail industry, focusing on the grocery, convenience or drug channels, through a deep-dive discussion with an industry insider.

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