Trend Talk Video: Post-Pandemic Retail Spending Trends with Braze's Myles Kleeger

In this episode of Trend Talk, Retail Leader Editor Amy Baxter sits down with Myles Kleeger, president and chief customer officer at customer engagement platform Braze, about recent retail spending habits of the post-pandemic shopper.

Tune into the episode to hear Amy and Myles dig into recent survey findings from Braze about consumer spending habits and retail spending. While some consumers are ready to splurge on items and services they missed out on during the COVID-19 pandemic, others are looking for a high-value deal with retailers.

Trend Talk is a new thought leadership interview series from Retail Leader. Each week, Trend Talk will identify a macro trend in the retail industry, focusing on the grocery, convenience or drug channels, through a deep-dive discussion with an industry insider.

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