Trend Talk Video: Unpacking the E-Commerce Shipping Experience with UPS Capital's Kiel Harkness

In the latest episode of Trend Talk, Retail Leader Editor Amy Baxter sits down with Kiel Harkness, managing director of UPS Capital, to talk about trends in e-commerce shipping.

UPS recently published a report that unpacks the e-commerce market opportunity for small and midsize businesses and retailers, as well as the pain points experienced by customers related to shipping experiences. Tune into the episode to hear Amy and Kiel discuss why mass retailers are better equipped to deal with shipping mishaps and how small- and mid-sized businesses are dealing with the rise in online orders.

Trend Talk is a new thought leadership interview series from Retail Leader. Each week, Trend Talk will identify a macro trend in the retail industry, focusing on the grocery, convenience or drug channels, through a deep-dive discussion with an industry insider.

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