Understanding the Omnichannel Market

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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Retailers and brands have never had more data, but insights into the behavior of the omnichannel shopper (and how best to serve them) are challenged by a lack of visibility into the performance of non-traditional retailers and new fulfillment options. 

Join Retail Leader and Infoscout, a provider of omnichannel insights from America's largest purchase panel, for a webinar examining the following:

The competitors you can't see. Retailers such as Amazon, Aldi, Lidl, Trader Joe's and others are gaining share at a rapid pace, and Private Label products now account for 20% of annual consumer spending. Find out what's really happening with sales in these "blind spot" channels.

  • The Elusive Retailers: How have retailers such as Amazon, Aldi, Lidl, Trader Joe's and others been disrupting the market?
  • The Blind Spot Brands: Last year, $146 billion was spent on private label products. But who is the private label shopper, and which retailers are winning the private label war?
  • Rise in the Value of Convenience: With more fulfillment options than ever before, how are shoppers truly using services such as click and collect or subscribe and save?
  • The Data You Need to Be Tracking & Measuring: Why it is important to look beyond legacy data models for enhanced visibility into omnichannel shopper behavior and a true picture of new marketplace dynamics.