Volta Launches Media Network

Volta Inc. has formally launched Volta Media Network, offering advertisers a digital, location-based network that engages consumers where they shop.
volta stop

Volta operates a nationwide network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers that incorporate digital displays. Volta installs these location-based media stations in high-traffic retail locations, like Albertsons Companies and Whole Foods Market stores, and partners with advertisers to sponsor the service.

Volta Media Network offers a dynamic platform for brands to engage potential shoppers and influence behavior right before they walk into a store or other commercial property to make a purchase. For example, Volta chargers deployed at select Albertsons banners— including Jewel-Osco and Safeway — have been used for a while to promote private-label products and its chain-specific loyalty program (previously dubbed Just for U) via the screens.

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Netflix, Chase, Starbucks, Coca-Cola’s smartwater, Anheuser-Busch, Jeep, Nestle and Hulu are some of the brands already working with Volta. Brands advertising with the company have seen a 44% lift in awareness, a 66% lift in consideration and a 59% increase in purchase intent, according to benchmarks from a recent Volta third-party brand study.

“The biggest economic opportunity isn’t in conquesting fueling dollars; it’s in unlocking the spend that will accompany the behavior shift around fueling habits. Volta is reinventing retail media by fusing high-impact digital displays with EV charging, connecting brands to the most powerful audience movement in a generation,” said Nadya Kohl, chief marketing officer at Volta, in a recent media release. “Consumers are increasingly focused on sustainability, and they’re giving their attention and wallets to the brands that are doing the same. We offer advertisers the ability to participate in a unique medium that showcases their commitment to driving cultural relevance and true environmental impact.”

Campaigns on the Volta Media Network also support the transition to an electric future by powering electric miles and reducing CO2 emissions. To date, Volta says that it has offset 44 million pounds of CO2 and delivered 100 million electric miles.

“Now more than ever before, brands are experiencing new sustainability expectations from consumers and working to create more sustainable products, services and marketing programs to drive growth,” said Keith Kaplan, Global CEO at Kinetic, in the release. Kaplan added that Volta has built a unique media network that offers clients “beautiful screens, locations immediately before the point of purchase and alignment with their sustainability commitments.”

According to new, nationwide research by innovation agency F’inn (conducted in September and cited in Volta’s latest release), consumers are prioritizing sustainability, and that focus is increasingly shaping their behaviors and the brands they interact with. Some key highlights from the research results include:

  • Nearly 50% of respondents said they care about the environment and make decisions about the brands they choose with environmental practices in mind.
  • 35% of respondents said that sustainability is a top priority and that they go out of their way to reduce their environmental impact.
  • More than 50% of the general population would be more interested in doing business with a company that commits to various sustainability efforts.

“The rise of electric mobility is one of the largest macroeconomic trends of our time,” said Brandt Hastings, chief revenue officer at Volta, in the release. “Climate consciousness has gone mainstream, and brands with a focus on sustainability have the opportunity to capture massive growth. We invite brands to grow with us as we continue to expand our network at grocery stores, pharmacies, retail and entertainment venues in communities nationwide to reach shoppers right before they make a purchase decision.”