Walgreens Offers 20% Off to Entice Shoppers Back to Damaged Stores

Mike Troy
Editorial Director
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Walgreens stores have re-opened
Most of Walgreens stores damaged during protests in Chicago and the Twin Cities have re-opened as of June 14.r

Walgreens stores in Chicago and the Twin Cities area damaged during recent protest activity have nearly all reopened, according to an update provided by the drug store chain.

Walgreens cited significant progress in its efforts to reopen recently damaged stores in Chicago and the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas following the protests, many of which turned violent, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis.

The company said 100 of its 118 Chicago stores and 107 of 113 Minneapolis/St. Paul stores had re-opened as of June 15. In addition, Walgreens said it took steps to meet the prescription needs of those whose nearest Walgreens store has been or remains temporarily closed.

“Our commitment to the communities we serve is at the heart of everything we do, and especially now, we’re taking every step possible to reopen stores quickly, and to help ensure customers and patients have access to the medications and other essentials they need,” said Alex Gourlay, Walgreens president. “Walgreens has a long history of being there for communities during times of need, and these efforts wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team members who’ve come together across the company and the U.S. to assist. Many of our communities are hurting right now and beyond our support for our customers and team members, we’re also focused on contributing to the healing so sorely needed nationwide.”

About 75 Walgreens locations across Chicago and about 25 Walgreens locations across Minneapolis/St. Paul sustained some level of damage from recent events related to protest activity.

To help meet prescription needs in select locations that remain closed, Walgreens set up temporary locations, proactively contacted patients whose regular store may have been impacted and offered delivery options with no fees.

Also, in both markets beginning on Sunday, June 14, Walgreens offered a 20% in-store discount at previously closed stores as they reopened in impacted areas in both of the major markets.