Walmart Gets into the Delivery Space

The world’s largest retailer has launched a new white-label, crowd-sourced delivery service now available to U.S. retailers.
Walmart delivery driver

Walmart’s new service, Walmart GoLocal, enables local merchants to leverage Walmart’s online order fulfillment services, including delivery, according to Progressive Grocer. Walmart’s capabilities include an on-demand, crowdsourced labor pool called Spark. The retailer already offers delivery on 160,000 items from more than 3,000 of its stores within reach of nearly 70% of the U.S. population.

“If you sell it, we’ll deliver it. We handle a wide range of products from power tools to kiddie pools. We can deliver everything from groceries to general merch––even oversize items. Reliability is of utmost importance to us,” reads Walmart GoLocal’s new website.

The white-label service taps into Walmart’s already robust delivery business that outsources the delivery for businesses, including orders with size and complex requirements. Walmart GoLocal has established contracts with some national and enterprise retail clients and is also accepting new merchant partners. 

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