Walmart revamps app, website to appeal to social media savvy consumers

The redesigned homepage and app offer a new product-focused design with large photos curated to drive discovery.
Walmart's app.
  • Walmart has launched redesigned versions of its e-commerce platforms.
  • Its website and mobile app have a new design that is focused on products.
  • The new homepage showcases larger photos and videos as well as more conversational shoppable categories.  

Walmart has launched a redesign of its e-commerce platforms, including its website and mobile app. 

The changes were detailed in an April 3 blog post authored by Tom Ward, Walmart U.S.’ executive vice president and chief e-commerce officer. According to the blog post, the new e-commerce platforms are entirely redesigned to feature a curated storefront that will help customers with product discovery. 

Compared to the previous Walmart homepage, the new design features brighter colors and larger product photos that illustrate more conversational categories. Previous categories featured on the homepage were ones such as “The Easter Shop,” “Spring Savings” and “Top departments.” Now, the homepage offers categories such as “It’s pure electricity” for tech products, “Gifts to love” and “Home accents they’ll love” for gifting, and “Dazzle ‘em” for jewelry.  

In addition to larger images, the new homepage also features videos, and according to Ward, it’s “better optimized to bring Walmart’s massive assortment to life.” The app and homepage are designed like a scrollable social media feed to appeal to consumers used to browsing platforms like TikTok and Instagram

“We put our customers first, and this new homepage is just one more way we’re improving the online shopping experience to make it more compelling to shop with us while saving our customers time and money,” Ward said in the blog. “But this new experience doesn’t just benefit our customers. It also provides our suppliers and Marketplace sellers new opportunities to showcase more relevant products and better tell their stories, within moments that are top of mind for our customers, as they grow their businesses on” 

The refreshed e-commerce platforms still offer Walmart’s existing e-commerce offerings, such as express delivery, next-day delivery, two-day delivery and curbside pickup, according to the release.