Walmart’s Media Business Offers New Demand-Side Platform

The world’s largest retailer expands off-site media opportunities at scale through a new demand-side platform (DSP).
Walmart checkout

Walmart’s new media business, Walmart Connect, is calling the new platform Walmart DSP. The retailer has teamed up with The Trade Desk, an independent DSP, to build its own DSP that promises to let advertisers be more effective with their overall media spend.

According to the release, Walmart DSP will be available to select suppliers by the end of October, “just in time for the holiday shopping season,” Rich Lehrfield, senior vice president of Walmart Connect, wrote in a company announcement. 

Customers on the platform will be able to:

  • Reach specific audiences with precision, by leveraging Walmart’s past purchase and predictive audience segments, as well as brand-level shopping behavior data from across the entire Walmart ecosystem, including its website, app and 4,700 physical stores.
  • Have access to The Trade Desk’s inventory across channels, including display, streaming video, mobile, audio and CTV capabilities.
  • Connect online-to-offline sales by leveraging Walmart’s purchase data to measure both online and in-store transactions and link these to specific media tactics to make campaign optimizations and inform future strategies.

According to Lehrfield, closing the measurement loop across digital and in-store sales may be most valuable to Walmart DSP customers. 

“While the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Walmart eCommerce sales growth, there has also been a measurable increase in Walmart store traffic over the past quarter,” Lehrfield wrote. “By connecting and measuring both online and in-store performance, the Walmart DSP can offer targeting, reporting and omnichannel insights down to a granular level.”

The launch comes after Walmart beat earnings expectations for the second quarter of the year, with gains in grocery and merchants in its third-party marketplace.