Welcome to the New Retail Leader!

While the name remains the same, the vision of Retail Leader has changed.

Retail Leader has a new editorial leader, and that’s me--Amy Baxter. I’m excited and honored to be taking on this responsibility from the great editors who preceded me. With this passing of the torch comes a new direction that I’d like to share with you, since you will soon notice changes to our content.

The current retail climate is defined by disruption creating new and exciting opportunities to grow business. We aim to provide uniquely essential top-level retail insights, in a highly-convenient digital package, to help you not only make sense of all of this change--but also thrive in it. The intent of this new direction is to provide busy retail executives with quick, engaging and visual content to provoke inspiration and inform strategic decisions. Our new format is designed for on-the-go executives, with mobile-friendly content taking center stage.

Here’s how we define the new Retail Leader: The authoritative source telling you what you need to know about the retail industry, and why you need to know it. Want trusted analysis and insightful opinions about current retail trends? Need quick, high-level news stories from around the industry? Retail Leader is for you. We’ll package this curated content in easily digestible newsletters with new features.

To start your week, you’ll find a video interview with an industry expert discussing must-know trends, anchored in opinionated analysis and varying perspectives. Coming up soon: the role of Grocers in the Covid-19 vaccination rollout, and an in-depth look at how online shoppers are really engaging with retailers.

Check out the Retail Leader website for daily updates on Insights and Retail News, including industry innovations, infrastructure, retail media and talent. And stay subscribed to the newsletter to receive all our new media and highly-specialized news content right in your inbox.

I very much look forward to connecting with the Retail Leader community. I’ve been an editor in the healthcare business world for the last several years, and I’m already starting to identify some similarities between the two industries that are informing my approach to this space. Outside of writing about all things retail, you can usually find me sailing in St. Petersburg, Florida, where I live, or gardening with my beagle. I hope you’ll get to know me as I grow to learn from you, as well.

As the new editor of Retail Leader, I also want to hear from and learn about you, the industry thought leaders. I welcome and seek to facilitate an ongoing dialogue with the Retail Leader audience, so please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]. Our conversations will ensure Retail Leader provides the insights you need from across the retail industry, as we also dig deeper into trends with the executive community. We hope you will remain loyal readers and welcome the new changes to come.


Amy Baxter

Editor, Retail Leader