A collection of featured White Papers.

White Papers

  • The New Age of Convenience: The Retailer's Roadmap to a Frictionless Future

    Shoppers have high expectations that retailers save them time and money. The result of this dual expectation is a new competitive dynamic where success is based on the “ease of experience” a retailer provides.
  • Theory to Reality: How AI Pricing will Transform Retail in 2019

    Artificial intelligence is having a huge impact on retail overall and with pricing and promotions in particular. To understand how, Retail Leader hosted a webinar with RSR and Revionics.
  • Digital Transformation Glossary: How to Define the Future of Retail

    There has been a lot of discussion about the digital transformation of retail, and yet the concept is so all-encompassing it can be a challenge to keep track of what it really means, where you are in the journey, and how it directly applies to your business. In its simplest sense, digital transf
    digital transformation glossary
  • Optimize Digital Media in the Offline Space

    While CPG purchases are likely to remain predominantly offline in the near future, digital is influencing 77% of retail decisions, even in the largely offline CPG world.
  • Driving Your Working Capital: The Power of Cash in Perpetual Motion

    Find out how to keep cash in perpetual motion, turning payments received in store into flexible, usable working capital at the highest of high speed.
  • The Pricing Conundrum

    It's often tempting to consider changing your pricing strategy when growth is slow and competition heats up. With so many factors affecting your bottom line, it can be difficult to determine the best way and time to price your product so it drives profit and customer loyalty.
  • Comfort, Sustainability and Energy Saving Practices

    Alfalfa's Market, an early innovator in the organic and natural foods grocery industry, has installed the Airius Air Pear® destratification fan system to improve both customer and employee comfort as well as continue its commitment to sustainable energy-saving practices.
  • Personalization through the Supply Chain

    Much is being written about the growth of online shopping. However, in-store purchases will continue to account for the majority of CPG sales in the coming years.
  • Essentials, Part 1: Innovation

    An Executive’s Guide to new trends, consumer behavior, retail disruption, innovation, technology and the rapidly changing landscape of the industry.
  • The Journey to Growth

    Capturing consumers and sales has become more complex than ever. Technology has spawned unprecedented retail disruption, completely redefining the competitive landscape and giving shoppers virtually unlimited options of where to shop and what to buy.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Opportunities in Retail

    16% of retailers already use some form of AI, 20% plan to add it over the next 12 months, and another 18% will implement it starting a year from now.
  • Overcoming holiday season challenges

    The holidays are coming, and retailers are dreaming of a green Christmas. The stakes are high to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for your customers while avoiding the risks associated with that same increased customer traffic. 

A collection of featured White Papers.