Whole Foods not giving up on foodies

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Whole Foods not giving up on foodies

By Gina Acosta - 02/09/2018
A new Whole Foods in Midtown Atlanta will span three floors and feature a brewpub.

Whole Foods Market may be broadening its appeal to price-conscious shoppers with free grocery delivery and cheaper 365 stores, but the retailer isn't leaving behind its core high-end customer.

The retailer just unveiled plans for a new Whole Foods Market in Midtown Atlanta, and instead of smaller and leaner, this new store is going to be bigger and fatter.

According to Curbed Atlanta, the supermarket will span three floors and include a brewpub, several restaurants, a cooking school, and a rooftop terrace with skyline views. The store will fill up more than 75,000 square feet, which is nearly as big as the company's 80,000-sq-foot flagship store in Austin, Texas. There will be an area for delivery and pickup services. And the store will also have green walls and outdoor dining.

News of the Atlanta store comes as Whole Foods has just launched a new TV and digital advertising campaign (see video below) that appears to be aimed at showing off the variety of products and services that the grocer offers. 

One ad depicts a man shopping for cheese and being served by a Whole Foods employee who says he went to “cheese school.”

In another ad, shoppers can be seen dining at the grocer’s wine bar.

A different ad shows an older man joking with what is presumed to be his daughter about the “pastabilities” of gluten-free spaghetti. Each ad ends with a banner that reads: “Whatever makes you whole.”

Meanwhile, Whole Foods has also been focusing on expanding its 365 banner and grocery delivery.

Whole Foods opened its first 365-branded grocery store on the East Coast in January, marking the seventh location in the U.S. Whole Foods has said that it plans to open 16 other 365 locations soon.

Just this month the retailer said it would also begin offering Amazon Prime grocery delivery from Whole Foods stores.