Why it's a bad idea to ban cameras in stores

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Why it's a bad idea to ban cameras in stores

By Gina Acosta - 07/14/2017

With videos of bad business practices routinely going viral, it might be tempting to prohibit customers from recording their surroundings. But banning cameras is the wrong way to go, says Harvard Professor Benjamin Edelman.

A new article by Edelman discusses how many retailers today have policies purporting to disallow photography or recordings.

The strategy has superficial appeal: It protects employees and other customers who often don’t want to be captured for posterity. And if such a policy even slightly reduces the likelihood of a disastrous viral video, many retailers would count that as a plus, Edelman writes.

But, Edelman says, a ban is the wrong way to go for three crucial reasons.

To read Edelman's article, click here.