Why retailers need a fresher approach

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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As the perimeter of the grocery store outpaces growth in other food and beverage categories, food retailers looking for ways to drive more sales are focused on fresh.

New IRI research shows that shoppers expect retailers to offer more fresh food than ever before, to educate them about the food, and to curb food waste, a growing movement in the food industry.

This is why food retailers should be highlighting the integrity of their fresh items but also be marketing them smartly in order to convert today’s shoppers. New technological advances and supply chain process improvements make these efforts possible. 

To learn more about how it all comes together, join Retail Leader and Zest Labs for a webinar filled with actionable insights on how:

  • New approaches to supply chain management can reduce waste by more than 50% and improve margins and shopper loyalty. 
  • Technologies such as blockchain, IoT and predictive analytics can reduce costs. 
  • Getting started: 3 things grocers can do to quickly reduce fresh food waste and improve the bottom line. 

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