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Winning with Digital in the COVID-19 Era



Learn how Smart & Final championed timely data-driven strategies to drive a successful digital transformation in the COVID-19 era. The panel will discuss key levers that grocers have to drive margins and growth leveraging AI and real-time insights. Furthermore, participants will learn how these insights enable various timely actions across the business — from e-commerce to operations to marketing strategies to smarter product bundling and pricing. The panel will consist of experts from the grocery space who will discuss key trends and actions that grocers can take to thrive and outperform competition via a well-orchestrated, cross-channel strategy.

What you will learn from the webinar:

  1. Key insights and levers to drive margin and growth during and after the COVID-19 era, including opportunities for growth (e-commerce, pick-up, delivery and in-store) and data-driven recommendations in operations, procurement, marketing and merchandising
  2. How customer intelligence leveraging AI and timely insights can drive key performance metrics
  3. How to enable decision makers across the organization to gain rapid insights that drive operational success




Sponsored by:

Hypersonix and Smart & Final