Some 84 percent of retailers have some sort of formal "onboarding" program for new hires, according to an exclusive Retail Leader survey.

It's an aspect of personnel management that gets attention, with 79 percent of respondents calling it "very important" or "extremely important." And it gets the personal touch, with 91.5 percent saying in-person orientation is part of their onboarding process. Other media used include videos (30.5 percent) and the internet (28.8 percent).

It's a long process in many cases: A plurality of 39.7 percent reported it takes five hours or more. In addition, 71.2 percent say they have specialized training for individual departments like deli or bakery. Re-training for current employees isn't as popular, with only 35.6 percent having it in place.

Asked to rate the effectiveness of their training programs, 44.8 percent said it was "somewhat effective," while the same proportion said it was "extremely" or "very" effective.

Q: How long does your 'onboarding' training take?
Q: What does your intake training consist of?
Q:How do you rate your company's current training program?
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