Francesca’s CEO Shares Brand’s Post-Pandemic Turnaround

The COVID-19 pandemic forced retailers to survive amid a wave of challenges, including losing their physical footprints for an extended period. And that meant companies either innovated and pivoted or faced even bigger troubles.
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Trend Talk Video: Shopper Behavior Trends with's Ethan Chernofsky

In this episode of Trend Talk, Retail Leader Editor Amy Baxter speaks with Ethan Chernofsky, VP of marketing with, about the latest shopper behavior trends in the retail industry.
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How Home Depot Took Supply Chain Frustrations Into Their Own Hands

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a number of innovations for retailers across the industry, but it also revealed the supply chain was broken.
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Charting a Path to Growth with Scenario Planning

Understand how you can start visualizing – and planning – your future to build agility and move your business forward.