Future of In-Store Experience

Macy’s plans to open up to 30 small-format stores through 2025

Macy’s will target high-traffic shopping centers instead of malls for the retailer’s new small-format store locations.
Macy’s small-format locations
Future of In-Store Experience

Bloomingdale’s adds third Bloomie’s location

Bloomingdale's will debut its first West Coast Bloomie's store in Seattle, Washington, on November 2.
Future of In-Store Experience

Dollar General debuts first Montana store

With the addition of the Columbia Falls store in Montana, the retailer now operates in all 48 continental U.S. states.
Dollar General in Columbia Falls, Montana

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JCPenney encourages thoughtful connections and ‘unplanned collisions’

JCPenney’s senior vice president, chief human resources officer spoke to Retail Leader about its new hybrid-work strategy and implementation of retail tech for associates.