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Deadline Extended: Nominate sustainability initiatives for the Retail Sustainability Awards

Know a retailer, brand or individual making the retail industry more sustainable? Nominations for the eight categories of Retail Sustainability Awards are free and open until June 15.
Retail Sustainability Awards
RL Pro Exclusive
Analyst Insights

Deep summer discounts are a slippery slope for retailers and brands

With discretionary retail spending tapering off compared to the past few years, it’s no surprise that discounts are creeping back into retail.
RL Pro Exclusive
Consumer Insights

Consumers will delete retailers’ apps if value isn’t quickly communicated

Most consumers only used an app once or twice before deciding to delete it.
Most Consumers Use Apps A couple of Time Before Deciding Whether to Delete Them

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Shay Mitchell’s DTC travel brand BÉIS leads with creative

Adeela Hussain Johnson, the president of BÉIS, explains the brand’s strategy, including its approach to social media and influencers, like its celebrity founder.