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Retail Minute: Shoptalk 2023 focuses on retailers' agility

Elizabeth Lafontaine gives her top takeaways for retailers to Connor Perrett on the show floor at Shoptalk 2023 in Las Vegas.
Retail Minute
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Retail Leader joins Retail Technology group as part of new EnsembleIQ alignment

EnsembleIQ, the parent company and publisher of Retail Leader, has introduced two groups aimed at expanding opportunities that power business growth across industries.
EnsembleIQ logo.

From Theory to Reality: Infilect’s Equation That Revolutionized CPG Sales

Image Recognition & real-time retail analytics to drive CPG sales growth in 2023
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Shay Mitchell’s DTC travel brand BÉIS leads with creative

Adeela Hussain Johnson, the president of BÉIS, explains the brand’s strategy, including its approach to social media and influencers, like its celebrity founder.