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July 2019

To understand the meaning of Prime Day you have to look beyond the deals and the hype.

Shoppers desire to eliminate friction and continued improvement in the self-checkout process are rewriting the rules of store experience and fueling record growth for equipment manufacturers.

Meet the two year old Australian company changing digital product promotions and giving food retailers Amazon and Google capabilities.

Lowe’s new advertising slogan may be “do it right for less,” but the company isn’t heeding that advice when it comes to its technology transformation. Lowe’s President and CEO Marvin Ellison has committed the company to spending $500 million annu

June 2019

Fresh research on the new rules of remarketing show brands how to walk fine line between effectiveness and annoyance.

​​​​​​​Sprouts Farmers Market stores are in for some merchandising, marketing and supply chain changes following the appointment of Jack Sinclair as CEO.

Walgreens Group Vice President of Retail Brands Helayna Minsk has high expectations for growth and quality.

Grocery Outlet received a warm reception on Wall Street last week when it went public at $22 a share.

Recession risks continue to be remote. That is despite the U.S. economy slowing from a nearly four percent rate of growth in the middle of 2018 back towards its long-term trend of two percent by the end of 2019. The U.S.

The Davos of retail draws CEOs to Vancouver

Loblaw's Galen Weston is leading a charge to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics.

Landmark research looks at the execution gap between shoppers' expectations and retailer' capabilities.

Retailers gained new capabilities to improve freshness and reduce waste thanks to a partnership between two industry innovators. AgroFresh and Zest Labs are collaborating to strengthen their unique solutions which give retailers increased visibil

Elizabeth Warren recently called for the breakup of giant “tech companies” Amazon, Google and Facebook because they were, “too big.” I intentionally put the words tech companies in quotes, since last I checked the lion’s share of Amazon’s

Female CEOs and board members continue to rise, but at a glacial pace.

Food retailers should quit obsessing over Amazon and Whole Foods and pay more attention to Dollar General.

The introduction of higher price points to Dollar Tree's assortment is underway.

AI leader and Revionics CEO Marc Hafner on what retailers need to know about transformative technologies and how to realize ROI.

A master of loyalty talks to Retail Leader

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