Burrow Launches Furniture Resale Program

Burrow is offering returned and open-box items at a discounted rate via FloorFound’s end-to-end circular commerce platform.
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Direct-to-consumer furniture brand Burrow in June partnered with Texas-based recommerce company FloorFound to reduce waste and sidestep supply chain delays. Burrow is offering returned and open-box items including popular modular sofas, loungers, armchairs, and soon mattresses at a discounted rate via a dedicated FloorFound store.

FloorFound’s end-to-end circular commerce platform includes a nationwide reverse logistics network and technology for intaking, grading, pricing and merchandising non-new items and powering resale channels. Burrow has sold hundreds of resale items to-date and plans to launch a branded resale portal on its flagship site.

Through this partnership, Burrow can promote in-stock furniture that is ready to ship, including a selection supplemented by the FloorFound resale items, which can be delivered to new buyers within weeks. The average price of a Burrow piece offered through the FloorFound store is $800, with an average discount of 43%, indicating shoppers’ focus on quality, sustainability and rapid delivery, in addition to value, according to a news release.

"With many industries impacted by supply chain complications, we know customers appreciate fast and free shipping  which Burrow has always offered," said Stephen Kuhl, co-founder and CEO at Burrow, in the release. "Now, our FloorFound partnership means that we can return popular designs to the marketplace and connect buyers quickly with sought-after products."

Burrow designs quality furniture constructed using scratch-resistant surfaces and sustainable, stain-resistant fabrics. The company called its relationship with FloorFound a “perfect match” given the DTC company’s focus on “durability and long-term customer relationships” and FloorFound's mission to power the circular economy.

"By launching a recommerce channel that gives high-quality merchandise a second life, Burrow is moving away from the linear 'Make, Take, and Trash' model," said FloorFound founder and CEO, Chris Richter, in the release. "Customers are happy because they can take delivery of resold items that are already here in the U.S., and they're helping conserve our planet's resources in the process."